Do you know what types and uses of cabinet pull out basket?

Do you know what types and uses of cabinet pull out basket?

The cabinet pull out basket is usually hidden in the cupboard. We can put the kitchenware and tableware on the grid rack in China, which is neat and clean. And its role is to expand the efficiency of the cabinet. However, many users are worried that the dishes are too heavy, which will cause the cabinet pull out basket to be easily deformed. In fact, in the formal cabinet design, this matter is considered, and the load-bearing range will be stated in the manual, so as long as you usually use it, pay attention to regular maintenance and care. In this way, its service life is longer.

Types and uses of cabinet pull out baskets:

1. Drawer pull basket.

The drawer pull basket is a relatively common pull basket design in the overall cabinet. It has a drawer-like appearance, so the opening and closing method is a pull-out type. There are multiple metal grids inside, which can place some small tableware and cups.

2. The dishes pull the basket.

The dish pull basket is specially used to store dishes. It is generally designed under the whole cabinet stove, so there is also the saying that the stove pull basket, which can make it more convenient to take potted dishes during cooking. The water board can prevent water from dripping onto the cabinet.

3. Pull the basket at the corner.

There are many corner spaces in the overall cabinet that are too deep to be used. It is great to design it as an angle pull basket. The rotating and layered design not only does not waste the corner space, but can also accommodate more items and keys. It is also very convenient to fetch things.

4. Narrow pull basket.

The narrow pull basket is actually a pull basket designed on the side. It has a thin and tall line design. It mainly benefits the side space of the cabinet. The pull basket can put some condiments and can store some cutting boards, knives, etc. Even the irregular space under the sink can be used to place detergents and so on.

5. Rice box.

The rice box is also a kind of overall cabinet pull out basket. Because it is used to store food used every day, it has requirements for hygiene and environment. Install a high-tech rice box, which can use ultrasonic insect repellent rice box and calculate The amount of rice is very convenient and practical.

6. High and deep damping pull basket.

This kind of damping pull basket has a super storage function. Generally, it adopts a pull-out opening and closing design. The pull-out basket is divided into multiple layers, so that food can be placed in different categories. It is very convenient to take. Push and pull smoother under heavy load.

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