The installation of the kitchen basket.

The installation of the kitchen basket.

1. The first step in installing the kitchen basket is to select a suitable twist drill. Since the screw must be fixed, there must be a screw hole. Different cabinet materials and screw sizes must be different twist drills. If the cabinet materials at home are relatively hard, you should choose durable natural marble twist drills. And the interior decorator should make a screw hole of moderate size on the cabinet and the wall according to the size of the kitchen basket screw.

2. Installing the screw After creating a suitable hole on the appropriate part, the screw must be installed. For the pull basket of the cabinet, some expansion plugs are also necessary when installing, so as to ensure that the fixing of the screws is firmer and more durable. A part of the natural plug must be freed outside so that the pull basket can be easily placed.

3. The installation of the basket with the sliding rail starts with the basket rail, and the size of the basket rail is matched first. After the basket rail is installed, the basket can be installed.

The installation method of the whole kitchen basket:

1. The installation method is the same as that of the cabinet. You must first install the guide rails first, and then install the kitchen basket, but when installing, you must pay attention to the level of the pull basket, and the two sides should not be different in height. .

2. In the actual operation, the drawer cabinet and the bowl rack should be pulled down as far as possible, so that not only a large number of items can be loaded, but also convenient and fast. In addition, the door handle should be installed in the middle, if it is installed high, it will not be able to pull it hard.

3. The control panel of the bowl should be sealed with small drop bolts. Because it is strenuous in application, it is very easy to break the small screws after a long time.

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