What is the general size of a wine glass holder made of woodworking?

What is the general size of a wine glass holder made of woodworking?

The usual size of a single wine glass holder is 21cm high and 9cm wide. Generally speaking, the length of the wine glass holder generally does not exceed 1.2m, the height of the upper and lower layers generally does not exceed 2.4m, and the depth is about 0.34m. If it is a round wine rack, the diameter should not be less than 2m, and the curvature of the wine glass rack should be controlled at about 50 cm.

How does woodworking calculate the size of the wine grid?

Oblique grid, strictly speaking, all grids with small depths, such as those for wine. He is not nail work, it is mouth work. If I am not mistaken, you want to make a lattice cabinet yourself. Let me talk about the method first. This grid is formed by crossing, and the depth of the grid must be good. For example, the intersection of the X port with a depth of 300mm is scribed according to the thickness of the template with a saw opening 150mm (the upper and lower boards are both 150mm) to form a pair of inserts. As for how many grids you need to make as many gaps, just repeat this action.

Wine racks are generally used to place red wine, foreign wine and various types of wine racks, so the size of the wine rack is generally made according to the size of the wine. Generally, wine racks are made according to the size of red wine bottles. The specifications of red wine bottles are relatively simple. The diameter of the bottom of the bottle is generally 8CM and 9CM, and the height is 30CM. General wine racks are universal wine racks.

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