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25 January 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about Choosing a cabinet pull out basket.

1. Choose a cabinet pull out basket with good quality and good effect. If the cabinet pull out basket is not easy to use, it is not worth buying. First of all, don't be affected by the appearance of the pull baske

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09 February 2021

Tips for the maintenance of the cabinet pull out basket.

First. Maintenance on time: (1) When the cabinet pull out basket is installed, you will want to increase its service life as much as possible. To extend the life, you must maintain it on time. The cycle time is genera

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21 February 2021

The installation of the kitchen basket.

1. The first step in installing the kitchen basket is to select a suitable twist drill. Since the screw must be fixed, there must be a screw hole. Different cabinet materials and screw sizes must be different twist drill

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16 March 2021

How to dismantle and wash the cabinet pull out basket.

Many people now use cabinet pull out baskets in the kitchen. The cabinet pull out basket is a relatively easy to move, practical and convenient tool. This tool can be used to hold vegetables or some fruits. It is a relat

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26 March 2021

Analysis of the benefits of the kitchen basket.

Now, many friends who want to decorate the kitchen want to make the kitchen beautiful and tidy. The kitchen is an important place for cooking. At this time, you can install a hardware pull basket in the kitchen, which is

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