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02 November 2021

What material is used for shower rack is cost-effective

Choose according to the material 1. If you want to avoid rust, choose a stainless steel bath towel rack. Pure copper does not rust, but it is expensive and it will take longer to use. However, you should pay attention t

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06 December 2021

How to install kitchen basket and preparation tools

1. Choose the right drill Because the kitchen basket is fixed with screws, the drill bit must be prepared before installation, and the size of the drill bit must be appropriate to fix the screws. 2. Install the screw

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25 January 2022

Bathroom rack|What material is good for bathroom pendant rack

Bathroom rack allow the scattered items in the bathroom to be better stored and organized. With the continuous improvement of industrial technology and aesthetic awareness, bathroom racks have a wide variety of styles, a

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18 February 2022

The small kitchen has no dead space for storage, just rely on these 5 pull out baskets?

The secret to keeping the 5.5㎡ small kitchen without dead space storage and keeping the countertop clean: all rely on these 5 pull out baskets. 01. High cabinet pull basket The size determines that I can't reach

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24 February 2022

Shelf that can be rotated 90°, a good helper for storage in the dead corner of the kitchen|kitchen rack

It is very common that the kitchen mainly relies on cabinets for storage, but we often ignore the kitchen countertops. As long as some inconspicuous dead spaces are used well, we can squeeze 1 square meter of storage s

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